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Extreme Clean of NC LLC.

Extreme Cleaning Knowledge + Extreme Quality = Extreme Clean of NC llc.

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Extreme Clean of NC LLC.

Your one-stop cleaning solutions provider

Commercial Office Buildings

Medical Facilities


Post Construction Projects

Manufacturing Facilities


Schools and Daycare Facilities

Street-Level Window Cleaning

Floor Care

Carpet Care

Pressure Washing

Residential Cleaning

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Meet The Extreme Team!

Why Extreme Clean?

Quality Products & Professional Service

From the company president to our accounting clerk and all in between, everyone at Extreme Clean, cleans.  Our philosophy is simple… we are a cleaning company not a sales organization.  Cleaning isn’t at the core of what we do, cleaning is what we do.  Our accounting clerk may not clean as much as one of our cleaning experts (senior cleaning technicians) but everyone cleans so we don’t lose sight of why we exist.

Our Services

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At Extreme Clean we offer a 15-point cleaning approach to commercial accounts and strive to deliver quality results on each and every account from floor care and beyond. Our services can be tailor matched to your desired needs and budget and delivered on-time, every-time.

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As an OSHA compliant cleaning business, Extreme Clean utilizes top of the line cleaning equipment and hospital grade cleaning supplies combine with meticulous cleaning practices when servicing medical facilities. Unlike a commercial facility where we can offer flexibility in a cleaning program, we understand the rigorous scrutiny that medical, dental and optical facilities face. We understand that we are an extension of your mission and we know that we are cleaning for health.

industrial area


This type of cleaning isn’t for everyone. At Extreme Clean, we have staff that specialize in performing industrial cleaning. We know that in addition to sanitizing restrooms and breakrooms, We are going to encounter some messy situations. We understand that many factories, plants and warehouses operate in areas that can be exposed to dirt, dust, grease and the outside elements, not to mention very tight production schedules, we get it. Whether it’s utilizing heavy degreasers, changing air handling filters, cleaning or locker rooms, we can meet your toughest demands.

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Whether it’s onsite cleaning during construction or post construction cleaning, we can accommodate your needs. We are OSHA-10 certified so you can feel confident that you will receive a thorough cleaning of your footprint prior to your grand opening and we will utilize established safety rules in the process

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Hands down, we are one of the best when it comes to floor care! We use quality material, we take our time (we don’t cut corners) We stop in on-site to inspect all floors before we begin work. Allow us the privilege of creating a custom floor maintenance program for your business and watch your floor “Come Alive” and stay that way.

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Hot water extraction or quick-dry method, we have the skills and the know-how to remove many of the toughest stains and breathe life back into your commercial carpets.


Extreme Clean provides property management and housekeeping services for Airbnb customers and their guests and can work around scheduled standard checkout – check-in timeframes of 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

View Our Work


Floor Before Service

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Floor After Service

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Break Room

Floor Before Service

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Break Room

Floor After Service

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J.S. Store

Floor Before Service

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J.S Store

Floor After Service

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Office Floor

Floor Before Service

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Office Floor

Floor After Service

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Our Reviews

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Anthony and his team has cleaned our facility for almost 5 years now. He always does a great job and has become part of the family. The really great thing about their approach is that they do those little extra things that probably aren’t even in the contract-of-services. If Extreme Clean sees something that needs…

Commercial Account

Anthony and his team have provided our company with cleaning service for 3 1/2 years. They are reliable, honest and go above and beyond what is expected of them. They are by far the best cleaning company we have come across. Highly recommended for commercial as well as residential services.

Commercial Account

Our Team!


A: There are probably several factors that contribute to the inconsistency that end users see including: lack of standardization and changes in cleaning crew.  When searching for a cleaning company, one of the best things that you can do is to be as clear as possible about your expectations.   

A: We believe in delivering consistently high quality to our customers.  We take our reputations quite seriously and we know our strengths as well as areas that we aren’t the strongest in the marketplace.  We would prefer to pass on an opportunity that is not a good fit than to try our hand on something that we cannot do extremely well.  An example of which is 2nd-story window cleaning.  We clean windows great! at a ground level but 2nd-story window cleaning is not our strong suit. 

A:  Maid services are most often found in residential settings.  A day porter is a person who services an account for a certain period of time, say 9 -1.  During the set time that a day porter is on your premises, he is charged with performing any cleaning or light duty task that the customer deems necessary.  A day porter most often works with a schedule of tasks to perform at specific times of the day and may also respond to any number of impromptu needs such as changing light bulbs or policing property grounds.  A cleaning company usually works from a defined scope of work / task list / cleaning contract and performs daily, weekly, monthly and perhaps quarterly tasks.  Cleaning companies most often clean in the evenings and are most often used in commercial settings.

A: No. Extreme Clean is not a franchise. Our model is very straightforward – we are a true owner operator system and we don’t sell income earning opportunities. We are a cleaning company that is nimble, flexible and we pay our people above-average wages for the work that they perform. This allows us to maintain much lower turnover rates, higher worker satisfaction and better overall customer service.

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