Who We Are...

Since 2006 our founder has worked full time in the Cleaning Services Industry delivering high quality cleaning services to businesses including churches, medical facilities, factories, small and mid-sized offices and retail stores.  Our founder truly is a neat freak and he has personally trained every member of our organization since we began operation 13 years ago, imparting the belief that cleaning in a noble and worthwhile profession and that we must give it 110%.  Everyone at Extreme Clean strives to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. 

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Everyone cleans, period.

From the company president to our accounting clerk and all in between, everyone at Extreme Clean, cleans.  Our philosophy is simple… we are a cleaning company not a sales organization.  Cleaning isn’t at the core of what we do, cleaning is what we do.  Our accounting clerk may not clean as much as one of our cleaning experts (senior cleaning technicians) but everyone cleans so we don’t lose sight of why we exist.

Service Not Sales.

As you consider various options to address your cleaning needs, it is important to know that many of the companies that you will hear from and perhaps consider working with are simply glorified sales organizations.  At Extreme Clean, we understand cleaning, we are flexible because we understand the parameters of your business operations continue to change and evolve.  We are service oriented not sales oriented.  In fact, we don’t have a sales team.  Our growth has mostly come organically, through referrals and word-of-mouth.  Although we are growing, we are still a family-oriented company; we stop in during the daytime and check in on our customers, we drop off donuts.  We care about our customers and our customers care about us. We know that this type of relationship doesn’t work for all businesses and as such we understand that we’ll never become a huge organization and that’s OK with us.  We will always put service over sales.

Our Advantages

Service Over Sales

Since our beginning, our CEO has spent nearly 20,000 hours personally cleaning and managing the delivery of cleaning services to various businesses and residences. As a team, we have spent more than 400,000 total hours delivering cleaning services. From our CEO to our bookkeeper and everyone in between, we all clean and we know cleaning.

Dedicated Team

Hands down, we employ the best team. We screen our applicants thoroughly, we train them rigorously, we follow up with ongoing training and we pay our technicians above average wages for the work that they perform. We all know that cleaning isn’t glamorous work but it is honorable and necessary work and we encourage and reward our team members for their dedication and hard work.

For Us - It’s Personal

Doing a great job is a reflection on every person on our team. We strive for perfection every day. We constantly think outside-the-box on how we can improve our service delivery; we don’t wait for an emergency to act. We are always thinking about how we can be better and do better and in those instances where we make a mistake, we take quick and decisive action to resolve the matter and we pass along any lessons learned to all team members at all of our cleaning accounts.


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Anthony and his team has cleaned our facility for almost 5 years now. He always does a great job and has become part of the family. The really great thing about their approach is that they do those little extra things that probably aren’t even in the contract-of-services. If Extreme Clean sees something that needs…

Commercial Account

Anthony and his team have provided our company with cleaning service for 3 1/2 years. They are reliable, honest and go above and beyond what is expected of them. They are by far the best cleaning company we have come across. Highly recommended for commercial as well as residential services.

Commercial Account


A: There are probably several factors that contribute to the inconsistency that end users see including: lack of standardization and changes in cleaning crew.  When searching for a cleaning company, one of the best things that you can do is to be as clear as possible about your expectations.   

A: We believe in delivering consistently high quality to our customers.  We take our reputations quite seriously and we know our strengths as well as areas that we aren’t the strongest in the marketplace.  We would prefer to pass on an opportunity that is not a good fit than to try our hand on something that we cannot do extremely well.  An example of which is 2nd-story window cleaning.  We clean windows great! at a ground level but 2nd-story window cleaning is not our strong suit. 

A:  Maid services are most often found in residential settings.  A day porter is a person who services an account for a certain period of time, say 9 -1.  During the set time that a day porter is on your premises, he is charged with performing any cleaning or light duty task that the customer deems necessary.  A day porter most often works with a schedule of tasks to perform at specific times of the day and may also respond to any number of impromptu needs such as changing light bulbs or policing property grounds.  A cleaning company usually works from a defined scope of work / task list / cleaning contract and performs daily, weekly, monthly and perhaps quarterly tasks.  Cleaning companies most often clean in the evenings and are most often used in commercial settings.

A: No. Extreme Clean is not a franchise. Our model is very straightforward – we are a true owner operator system and we don’t sell income earning opportunities. We are a cleaning company that is nimble, flexible and we pay our people above-average wages for the work that they perform. This allows us to maintain much lower turnover rates, higher worker satisfaction and better overall customer service.

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